Things to Come…

February 16, 2017

Many, many years of Internet life compiled into one location for your viewing pleasures. Showing off my past and current projects here as well as possibly glimpses of new projects. I started this project in the summer of 1996 where I began my walk in the School of Hard Knox for Web Design. Since then […]

Sentinels MC

February 12, 2017 This community website is a rather unique project surrounded by brotherhood. We first ran across paths mid 2006 during their first Thin Blue Line Benefit. I have taken this web site through many graphical changes over the past 11 years. The current picture above is my newest Photoshop adventure taking one of our bikes and […]

Ironworks Syndicate

February 11, 2017

Ironworks Syndicate is an Eve Online Gaming Alliance. Currently based in Drone Space. This is a unique project all on it’s own. It was built using Django on Ubuntu server through command line only through SSH connections.  Alliance Auth program ties both phpBB Forums and Mumble or Teamspeak servers together that the alliance can control […]

Universal Construction & Roofing

February 17, 2017 Yet Another Happy Customer! Original Website Created: 2017

FOP Lodge #28

FOP Lodge #28

February 1, 2017

This is a WordPress ran website built for Membership information. Some content is visible and some content is restricted to it’s member base only. This project is still an active project for me. Original Website Created: 2009

Munky Zunkle


January 1, 2017

This was a fun project. You’ll have to click on the photo to check it out. There’s music and animation… I don’t animate… however I spent a lot of time animating this everyone in the band, even as generic as it turned out, I thought it looked way cool. This was one of my Dad’s […]

Burnt Lips

Burnt Lips

January 1, 2017

This is a Photoshop driven project running on a phpBB engine. Don’t forget to check out their website at Original Website Created: 2012

ATA Boyz Construction

January 1, 2017

ATA Boyz Construction website has been since removed as other adventures await the business owner. Possibly this website will be redesigned by myself when the owner wishes to restart his online adventures again. But at this time ATA Boyz Construction website is down for an undetermined time. This website was built as a Responsive Theme using […]

Ron King Organization

Blue Thunder Benefits

January 1, 2017

The Ron King Organization was pieced together through the unity of several groups of volunteers and clubs that have come together to offer the family of Ron King promote unity between the public and law enforcement. Currently the organizer is taking a break from running these benefits. If and when she returns, we’ll kickstart a new […]

5Star Operations

January 1, 2017

5Star Operations is a spin off from the Sentinels MC. Still active and still training. First Created: 2008

Wingin' It

Wingin’ It

April 15, 2014

This was a fun project. Just a simple informational website. Nothing fancy, I was just told to create something that shows their deals and a way for people to download their menu and to find them. Their wings were the bomb and so was their deep fried pickles and snickers bar 🙂 The owner of […]

Real Venture

Real Venture

February 15, 2013 and have since been dismantled by the group of people that hired me to help organize their online adventures. Sadly I do not have nor will I have a fully working backup of this website that ran very smoothly. Original Website Start Date: 2012