Universal Construction & Roofing

February 17, 2017

www.universalconstructionroofing.com Yet Another Happy Customer! Original Website Created: 2017

Sentinels MC

February 12, 2017

http://www.sentinelslemc.com This community website is a rather unique project surrounded by brotherhood. We first ran across paths mid 2006 during their first Thin Blue Line Benefit. I have taken this web site through many graphical changes over the past 11¬†years. The current picture above is my newest Photoshop adventure taking one of our bikes and […]

Ironworks Syndicate

February 11, 2017

Ironworks Syndicate is an Eve Online Gaming Alliance. Currently based in Drone Space. This is a unique project all on it’s own. It was built using Django on Ubuntu server through command line only through SSH connections. ¬†Alliance Auth program ties both phpBB Forums and Mumble or Teamspeak servers together that the alliance can control […]