Website Packages

Hello and Welcome to my Website Packages. I take building Website as serious as I do riding the Harley, and at the same time I know there’s a lot of Small Personal Businesses that need help to get on the web to promote their new business. This is why I offer fast, reliable, eye catching …


Sentinels MC This community website is a rather unique project surrounded by brotherhood. We first ran across paths mid 2006 during their first Thin Blue Line Benefit. I have taken this web site through many graphical changes over the past 11 years. The current picture above is my newest Photoshop adventure taking one of our bikes and …


Ironworks Syndicate

Ironworks Syndicate is an Eve Online Gaming Alliance. Currently based in Drone Space. This is a unique project all on it’s own. It was built using Django on Ubuntu server through command line only through SSH connections.  Alliance Auth program ties both phpBB Forums and Mumble or Teamspeak servers together that the alliance can control …


FOP Lodge #28 This is a WordPress ran website built for Membership information. Some content is visible and some content is restricted to it’s member base only. This project is still an active project for me. Original Website Created: 2009

Burnt Lips

This is a Photoshop driven project running on a phpBB engine. Don’t forget to check out their website at Original Website Created: 2012