Ironworks Syndicate

Ironworks Syndicate is an Eve Online Gaming Alliance. Currently based in Drone Space. This is a unique project all on it’s own. It was built using Django on Ubuntu server through command line only through SSH connections. ¬†Alliance Auth program ties both phpBB Forums and Mumble or Teamspeak servers together that the alliance can control who has access to what through the Authentication Server. Thus keeping out unwanted Corporations and Alliance they do not want to interact with them. I saw this type of programming a couple years ago when my friends and I joined an alliance with the Space Monkeys and I really wanted to learn how to build something like this.

If you are seeking help building this for your alliance I charge 2 Billion ISK to build the initial setup. After that my normal rate of $500 to build the forums with full graphic designs apply unless real money is an issue, then I’ll take another 2 Billion ISK.

It is highly recommended to have a server ready to go and not GoDaddy. GoDaddy doesn’t allow proper SSH Connections for Putty or Terminal connections. Too many hoops to jump through with GoDaddy and Big Blue and other hosting companies. is a good company to use and so is for this type of adventure coding.

Original Website Created: 2017